Referrals that are required for Empire members enrolled in the Individual Network plan (prefixes VFG or VJD) can now be submitted through Interactive Care Reviewer (ICR), Empire’s online self-service authorization tool. Managing your referral requests using ICR will save you time, and reduce your practice’s paperwork since there is no longer a need to fax.


ICR is accessed through the Availity Portal so you will need to be registered on Availity and have a unique Availity user ID and password.


To request a referral your Availity administrator needs to grant you the Authorization and Referral Request role assignment.


Once you have the appropriate role assignment you can begin using ICR right away.

  • Select Patient Registration from Availity’s home page
  • Select Authorizations & Referrals
  • Select Referrals or select Authorizations

The ICR tool will guide you through the steps to complete your request.

  • Patient information; including the member ID, dates of service and number of visits
  • Diagnosis and procedure codes
  • Requesting and servicing provider information


After submitting the referral request you will get this immediate response:  Referral Accepted - No Further Action Required.


This information will be saved on your organization’s ICR dashboard, and you will also be able to print the referral details.


ICR Training

We offer training every month to familiarize new users with ICR features and navigation of the tool. Our next webinar is taking place on October 8 at 11:00 a.m. ET. Register Here


Additional ICR resources are available through the Custom Learning Center

Follow the steps outlined below to access self-paced videos located on the Custom Learning Center. From Availity’s home page, select Payer Spaces | Anthem tile | Applications | Custom Learning Center

  1. Select Catalog from the menu located on the upper left corner of the Custom Learning Center screen
  2. Use the catalog filter and select Interactive Care Reviewer-Online Authorizations or Authorizations from the Category menu
  3. Click Apply then enroll for the courses (videos) you want to view.


Illustrated reference guides that you can print are located on Custom Learning Center Resources. Select Resources from the menu located on the upper left corner of the screen.  Use the catalog filter and select Authorizations or Interactive Care Reviewer-Online Authorizations from the Category menu. Select Download to view and/or print the reference guide.




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